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This upcoming school year is going to be looking very different for all of us. Many of us have chosen to homeschool or distance learning, and I want to continue to have a reliable resource for all of you to come incorporate into your child's education. This school year I am offering an all Virtual Art Program for all ages. 

 We will create a variety of artworks, learn the history of art and famous artists that are centered around a monthly theme. Any age child can learn from the lessons, strengthen their developmental skills such as fine and gross motor, hand-eye coordination, conceptional skills, and overall learning how to recognize, enjoy and appreciate art. 
The program will also include access to our Google Classroom:

Google Classroom will include our daily sketchbook assignments, a weekly lesson, books read aloud, videos and coloring pages. 

What the Program includes:


Daily Sketchbook Challenges: This includes a daily drawings, paintings and other assignments in the students sketchbook. Each day the students will search for an object that fits the topic, and will learn how to draw the object by sitting/observing it while drawing. Don’t worry, your child does not have to be an expert at drawing, this strengthens fine motor skills in the fingers, wrists and hands, encourages visual analysis, and improves hand-eye coordination. Sketchbook challenges may have videos included for step by step instruction. Sketchbook assignments are all about practice, nothing needs to be perfect, not all are created is "good", its about the learning process. 


Supplies: The supplies are not included in this program, the Google Classroom postings are to be used as resources, and supplies for each lesson can be found in the posting. Most supplies can be found in your household, but additional supplies can be purchased at your local Walmart/Michaels/Target etc. If you have questions always fill free to send me a message.  


Google Classroom: In our Google Classroom Mrs. Peyton will post lesson videos, printable coloring pages, fun facts about artists, and various other fun assignments!

Note that this is a fun learning program, to be used as a resource for distance learning and homeschooling, no work is required to turn in and there will be NO GRADES

Meet the Teacher

Mrs. Peyton lives in her hometown of Weatherford, TX with her two year old son, Braxton, and husband Bryce. She is an educator, artist and a small business owner. Her education, her work and her passion all revolve around one thing, ART. Her love for art as a young child created who she is today. She has studied art for over 13 years, but began as a professional artist when she launched her college career. 


In 2012 she studied Studio Art and All-Level Art Education at Tarleton State University. There she primarily focused her works in abstract paintings and works influenced by views of women in today’s society. At Tarleton she was awarded 1st Place in Tarleton’s President Circle Juried Show in the Spring of 2014, and was also selected for show in 2012 and 2016. After four years at Tarleton, she decided to expand her education career by accepting attendance at Coastal Carolina University, and received her BA in Studio Art in the spring of 2017. 


At Coastal she was selected for an Art Education Teacher’s Assistant at the Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum. As as Teacher's Assistant she worked with students age 3-18. She developed and instructed lesson plans corresponding to the Museum's Exhibitions, learned from influential artists such as Alexandra Knox and Jim Arendt. She concluded her time at Coastal with her senior pieces focusing on the aspects of memory, child neglect and addiction. 

Since returning to Weatherford, Texas, Mrs. Peyton has started a family, received a second degree in Child Care Studies, started a small business, Tied&Tattered, and began teaching in early childhood education. 

Her heart is driven by the love and passion for art, the support of her family, and a child's excitement when they create a masterpiece! She hopes that you may join her in her new exciting journey in her Summer Art Program!  


This program is $50 PER FAMILY a MONTH, if you have multiple children you and would like to enroll each of them please fill out information for each one in the form below. You can join at any time. Google Classroom will be sorted by the month and you can pick and choose what lessons you would like to use. If you have questions please feel free to send me an email at

All information will be kept confidential.  Thank you for your time and interest I hope to be creating art with your child this year.


Program Fee is $50

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